ASSA Coin Return Lock (RH 29mm)


Order Code: KM290251

ASSA 290251 Coin Return Lock (RH)

  • Can operate with both old and new £1
  • Under 29220H Master Key
  • 750 Differs
  • 29mm Fixed Cylinder
  • Supplied complete with tray
@ £7.95 Each

Extra keys

@ £8.95 Each


ASSA Coin-Return Lock RH

The ASSA Coin-Return Lock RH is the perfect solution for leisure centre lockers. This robust and secure lock is designed to be used with eXtreme plastic lockers, Link Lockers and many other leading locker brands used in wet areas. It is designed to be operated with new £1 coins. This listing features a 29mm fixed cylinder, 750 differs under the 29220H Master Key, and is suitable for wet areas. The coin return lock also comes complete with two user keys, making it easy to use and maintain.

This reliable lock is ideal for leisure centres, as it provides an extra layer of security while still allowing users to access their locker quickly and easily. The ASSA Coin-Return Lock RH also has standard fitting holes, which makes it easy to replace if needed.

The 29mm cylinder tends to be used on wooden lockers – in Leisure Centres and on Golf Clubs where club member security and convenience are prioritised.

The Right Hand function refers to the door hinging on the right hand side as you face the locker door.

For maximum security in your leisure centre locker room, the ASSA Coin return lock is the ideal choice. With its robust design and reliable performance, you can be sure that your valuables are safe and secure at all times.

Coin return locker locks are an essential part of any locker system. They provide secure storage for items and allow users to access their belongings with ease. Coin return locker locks can be used in a variety of settings, such as leisure centers, gyms, universities, schools, government entities, bowling alleys, amusement parks and more.

No matter what type of coin return locker lock you choose for your facility, it’s important to ensure that it meets all safety standards and regulations in your area. It’s also important to regularly inspect your lockers for any signs of damage or wear and tear that could compromise its security features.

This ASSA Coin Return Lock is a mechanical lock for lockers. The locks are available for use with the majority of coins and tokens but the default build is for £1 Coins. The lock is provided with a coin return tray or a coin collecting box.

ASSA Coin Return Locks can be ordered for right-or left-handed lockers. This listing is for RIGHT HANDED lockers (the hinge on the locker door is on the left). A range of cylinders are available, covering different demands of material thickness and security levels. This listing is for 29mm for wooden applications. The cylinder is master keyed under the ASSA 29220H.

The lock can be made for use in different enviroments:

In Dry Areas: The lock case is made of polycarbonate, cylinder of chromated
brass, keys of nickel-plated brass, hookbolt and the remaining unspecified components of yellow cromated steel.

This listing is for Wet Areas (corrosive environments): Lock case of poly-carbonate, cylinder of chromated brass, keys, hook bolt and the remaining unspecified components of nickel plated brass.

How does the ASSA Coin Return Lock work?

When the correct coin is inserted the door can be locked and the key can be removed.
When the lock is opened with the key the coin passes through into 1)the return tray and the user removes the coin
– or 2)into the coin collecting box if a charge is being made
for use of the locker.

The ASSA Coin Lock is designed so that the key always remains captive in the lock after use, available for a new visitor.

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Features : 
Wet Area Coin Return Lock
Fixing : 
Keys Supplied : 
Mastered : 
Availibility : 
Up to 10 Days
Body Length : 


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