Security Levels and Threat Areas

The security level is transparent and simple. The ratings are based entirely on the security level of the lock compared to all of the manufacturers’ ranges that we stock and supply.

The clear and easy graphic representation of the security rating does not have the complexity of considerations such as lock design, comfort or safety and in some cases will vary with the rating given by manufacturers who only consider their ranges in isolation and not compared with everything on the market.


1-4 Standard Security

Security Level 4Locks with a rating between 1-4 provide basic protection against theft and best suited for areas of low risk. These locks are often intended as a theft deterrent, as a secondary locking option or as an accessory lock for lockers or luggage.


5-9 Extra Security

Security Level 5

Security Level 6SECURITY LEVEL 8

Locks with a security level between 5-9 offer an extra level of security and are most appropriate in areas of medium to low theft risk and for use on lockers, sheds and bikes. These locks are also recommended as secondary locking options in areas of high-theft risk, when used with a higher rated lock for added security.


10-15 Maximum Security

Security Level 10 Security Level 13MAXIMUM SECURITY LEVEL 15Locks with a security level rating between 10-15 offer the maximum level of protection and are intended for use in areas of higher risk – such as urban settings, with commercial and industrial settings that may include insurance considerations.


15-20 The Highest Security Level


Maximum Security (20) is the highest security level available. These locks are recommended for industrial and commercial applications in areas of high-theft risk requiring insurance approved specifications