M97 Master Keys 97-99


M97-99 Master Key

  • Stamped 97-99 and M97
  • To open key numbers 97001 – 98999
  • Master key for QMP Lockers
  • Link Locker Locks & Camlocks
  • Lowe & Fletcher

SAME DAY DISPATCH for orders before 2pm


Master Key 97-99 for QMP Lockers

As a facilities manager or caretaker responsible for banks of QMP lockers, it is essential to have a master key that can open all the locks in case of an emergency. This is where the Master Key 97-99 comes in handy.

What is the Master Key 97-99?

The Master Key 97-99 is a pre-cut key that can override and operate Lowe and Fletcher 97 to 99 series cam and cupboard locks. It is stamped with the numbers 97-99 and M97, making it easy to identify. The key can open lock numbers ranging from 97001 to 98999, making it an essential tool for facilities managers and caretakers.

Why do you need a Master Key 97-99?

As a facilities manager or caretaker, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your facility’s users. In case of an emergency, such as a fire outbreak or medical emergency, you need quick access to all the lockers in your facility. Using individual keys for each locker can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With the Master Key 97-99, you can quickly gain access to all lockers in your facility without wasting time searching for individual keys. This saves you time and ensures that you respond promptly to emergencies.

Benefits for Facilities Managers and Caretakers

Using the Master Key 97-99 has several benefits for facilities managers and caretakers responsible for managing banks of QMP lockers:

  1. Convenience: Instead of carrying around multiple keys, you only need one key to access all lockers within its designated range. It allows immediate emergency access without damage to the locker.
  2. Time-saving: With one key, you can quickly access any locker within its designated range without having to search through multiple keys.
  3. Security: The unique pin tumbler system ensures that only authorized personnel have access to specific lockers within their designated range.
  4. Cost-effective: By using one master key instead of multiple keys, you save money on purchasing and maintaining individual keys.
How do I buy individual keys for this range of locker locks?

The replacement key number is stamped on the original key and on the lockface. To order replacement keys just type your key number in the box provided and click Add to Cart. To add multiple keys click Add keycode. You can confirm your key numbers and quantities at the checkout.

If you are not sure that this is the correct key for you, just email a picture of your lockface or the original key to sales@deskkeys.biz and we will help.

DeskKeys.Biz Ltd is a national supplier of replacement locks and keys for lockers, filing cabinets and office furniture. For the last 15 years we have specialised in replacing lost and broken keys and other security equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom, usually next day.

We are specialists in replacement office furniture keys. Replacement keys are also available next day for desks, pedestals, tambour units, and cupboards.

If you are not sure that this is the correct type of key for you, just email a picture of your lock face or the original key to sales@deskkeys.biz and we will help.

We cut these keys using the latest electronic and semi-automatic machines. Keys are cut according to the manufacturers’ own code with precision and effectively the same quality as an original key. The key blanks we use are best quality full-steel and manufactured specially for us.

We process orders for hundreds of keys within a few hours. Small orders are usually dispatched immediately within the hour.


You need to provide us with the replacement key number which is usually stamped on the lock-face (front of the lock) and on the original keys. Type the key number (or the number from the lock) into the search bar on our home page www.deskkeys.biz and when you click GO it will give you the most common types of keys to choose from with examples that you can see for each type. If you are not sure then take a good photo of your key, a key of the same type, or a clear high-quality image of the lock-face. Email the photo to sales@deskkeys.biz and we will do our best to identify the right type of key to order. We can usually dispatch the same day.

  • Registering online only takes a few minutes. Once this is completed you can order quickly and efficiently on the web. Our bespoke key search function allows you to find the keys you need in an instant. Just type the digits into the search box, press GO and your keys can be added to your shopping cart ready for checkout.
  • The checkout process is simple and secure, allowing you to have a separate delivery address from your invoice address facilitating third party deliveries.
  • Our payment process works under SagePay integration, meaning that you can rest assured that your details are safe and secure when ordering online.
  • If you already have an account with us then you can email spreadsheets with lists of keys, photos of the keys you need or Official Purchase orders to sales@deskkeys.biz
  • When you place an order, you will always receive email confirmation. If you do not, then please contact us to confirm that the order was successful and that we are processing it for you.
  • All our orders are sent out by Royal Mail First Class unless otherwise requested, most of our orders should arrive next working day. This is not a guaranteed service, please contact us to see if our courier service is appropriate for your requirements.


When you have a long list of replacement keys that you need then you don’t have to type each key number when ordering online. Just email your list of various replacement keys to sales@deskkeys.biz and confirm the total quantity of keys required.


  • Email your list of keys
  • Confirm the quantity in the box provided
  • Add to Cart and checkout


In most cases our computers and technicians can cut replacement keys if you can email us good close-up photos of your key or the lock face.

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