KML27492 GEZE TS4000S Size 1-6 Overhead Door Closer


Order Code: KML27492

The Geze TS 4000S overhead door closer is for use on both internal and external doors that are up to 1,400mm in width and 100kg maximum weight. It can be used on right or left mounted doors, as well as being suitable for use on fire and smoke doors as it has a 120 minute fire rating. It also conforms to Equality Act regulations (BS 8300) and features backcheck to prevent damage. With a closing force of size 1 to 6 and closing delay of up to 30 seconds, this door closer also features fully adjustable closing and latch speed. With the TS 4000 overhead door closer, the closing force is set from the front. The opening buffer and the thermo stabilised closing speed with large optical display can also be regulated.

  • Adjustable latch and closing speed
  • To suit doors up to 1400mm width and 100kg maximum weight
  • Reversible
  • Suitable for use on fire and smoke protection doors
  • Adjustable delayed action of up to 30 seconds
  • To be used on internal doors


GEZE TS4000S Size 1-6 Overhead Door Closer
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2-3 Days
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