KML23941 ABUS Titalium 82TI Series Shutter (Sliding Shackle) Padlock 70mm KA 8518


Order Code: KML23941
  • ABUS 82TI/70
  • Keyed Alike 8518
  • CEN 3 Insurance Approved
  • Paracentric keyways for optimum picking resistance
  • Self locking mechanism
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Maximum strength & low weight
  • Special Titalium™ aluminium alloy



TITALIUM™ locks by Abus represent a new dimension in security and represent a high level of security whilst weighing significantly less (30%) than comparable locks. This is all thanks to the innovative material of which the locks are made, namely a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines a high level of torsion with lightness. The TITALIUM™ locks have a modern stainless steel finish, and offer both maximum strength & low weight.

Shutter padlocks are also known as block locks, warehouse padlocks, straight shackle padlocks and so forth. Traditionally they are made from solid brass or hardened steel but that makes them quite expensive.

ABUS have now released this model in an alloy of aluminium and titanium but still with the hardened steel shackle or bar! Fundamentally it remains similar in security to it’s more expensive sisters and excellent in terms a security / cost trade off.

Note that you can use a chain with this lock even though the gap is small. You simply put one of the end links through the other, and then attach only a single chain link to the actual padlock.

Please be aware that the key entry and shackle extrusion are on opposite sides which can prove problematic if using this lock with limited space e.g a container lock with an enclosure. The ABUS 92 series have keyway and shackle extrusion on the same side.


Each lock comes with two keys each. They are not special restricted keys and you can have additional copies made locally if necessary.

Insurance Standards:

Technically speaking this lock is too new to have gone through the CEN testing standards at present but it meets the same specifications as the other shutter locks by ABUS which meet the CEN3 guidelines. As such we are happy to say that it meets these guidelines.

CEN means Central European Norm. It was devised some time ago when the major padlock manufacturers got together to devise a testing standard. Until then it was confusing since there were plenty of standards for door locks and safes but non for padlocks. Some insurance companies tired to use these standards in relation to padlocks but it simply didn’t work. Still today you may get asked for a specification that simply can’t relate to a padlock and only to a safe or door lock.

There are 6 levels within the grade ranging from general use to maximum security. CEN Level 6 padlocks are rare and for more commercial and consumer purposes 5 is the highest. We tend to recommend anything between 3-5 for high security applications.

  • GRADE 6 – Maximum Security
  • GRADE 5 – Extra High Security
  • GRADE 4 – High Security
  • GRADE 3 – Medium / High Security
  • GRADE 2 – Standard Security
  • GRADE 1 – Low Security

The grading system is slightly flawed in that a lock only needs to fail one of the minimum criteria to a single category to be reduced to its lowest scoring grade. This means that some padlocks may perform like a CEN 6 padlock in all tests but fail at minus 40 degree centigrade. It would therefore be lowered accordingly.

Mechanism : 
Shackle Clearance : 
Shackle Diameter : 
Keys Supplied : 
Availibility : 
1-2 Days
Body Width : 


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