KM5880-18 Desk Drawer Lock with 2 keys (18 series)


Order Code: KM5880-18

KM5880-18 Desk Drawer Lock

  • 22mm Nozzle Desk Lock
  • Comes with 2 keys each (18000-18999)
  • Mastered (M18)


@ £5.95 Each

Extra keys

@ £2.35 Each


The KM5880-18 L&F Desk Drawer Lock is ideal for use on items such as desk, pedestal, drawers, cupboards and cabinets. The key comes out in both the locked and unlocked position.

Each lock is supplied with 2 keys and it is mastered under the M18 Master Key. You can order additional keys and master keys for this lock after it is in your cart by selecting a quantity above and clicking “Add Key”.

To order replacement keys for these KM5880 Desk Drawer Locks instead just type the number on your lock face or original key into our search bar and hit ENTER – alternatively click here to order more keys.

Nozzle Length: 22mm

Nozzle Diameter: 22mm

Cam Protrusion: 7.5mm

Weight : 
Fixing : 
Keys Supplied : 
Mastered : 
Availibility : 
Nozzle Length : 
Nozzle Diameter : 
Cam Length : 
9mm protrusion

1 review for KM5880-18 Desk Drawer Lock with 2 keys (18 series)

  1. Sid

    Simply fantastic!

    Simply fantastic, very quick, good price.


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