A001-A600 BMB Replacement Desk Key


BMB Germany Key

  • Key Numbers A001 – A600
  • Enter your exact key code below, and click Add to Cart
  • Click Add key code to enter multiple key numbers

Used on Office furniture made by:  TASK PEDS, WALLIS OFFICE FURNITURE


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To order replacement BMB Germany keys just type in your key number to the box provided and click Add to Cart. To add multiple keys click Add key code. You can confirm your BMB key number and quantities at the checkout.

If you are not sure that this is the correct key for you, just email a picture of your lock face or the original key to and we will help.

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3 reviews for A001-A600 BMB Replacement Desk Key

  1. Davinia Moor

    The Lockdoctor sorted us out!!!

    Thank you for your quick and prompt service, we only needed to give the key code and you delivered with a day or two. Service was great. Thank you

    Davinia Moor

  2. Phil Totham

    Quick, efficient and helpful!

    Brilliant way to resolve a costly problem, was unsure whether lock I had was non standard so emailed a picture and response came back immediately… Keys came within 2 days and at a good price. Problem solved!!

    Phil Totham

  3. Jane Bruton

    The most efficient service I’ve ever known!

    Very pleased and impressed by the service received from Lockdoctor. Ordered keys on Friday afternoon and they arrived Saturday morning. Brilliant!

    Jane Bruton

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